Friday, April 11, 2014

W is for William - Final Post

This is the final post for this blog. I hope these paintings have brought some enjoyment. Peace out.

 William Skeoch Cumming: Drummer James Roddick of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders Defending Lieutenant Menzies during hand-to-hand fighting in the Battle of Kandahar, 1880 (1894)
 William Small: The Last Match (1887)
 William Strang: The Temptation
 William Strutt: The Prior's Feast
 William T. Maud: Ride of the Valkyries (1890)
 William Westall: The Commencement of the Deluge (1848)
 William Wilfrid Ball: Chinon in Late Summer (1901)
 William Wilfrid Ball: Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire
 William Wyld: The Garden at Versailles
William Wyld: Venice from the Lagoon


  1. This was a lovely blog. I enjoyed it very much. :-)

  2. A truly excellent blog. Many thanks for shining a light on so many wonderful Victorian artists.

  3. Thank you so much. This blog has been wonderful.

  4. Thanks for all the kind words. It's been my pleasure.

  5. great collection of paintings. a delightful blog!

  6. I just found this now! What a wonderful collection of my fav painters! thanks for this! :)

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  8. What a fantastic resource! I've never even heard of some of these artists, beautiful work. Do you have any active blogs still Rfdarsie? I would love to talk about a project I'm working on, but I can't find your contact information anywhere.

    1. See the "My Blogs" section at the upper right hand column on this page. Right now only the Vintage Photos and Peinture Française du 19ème Siècle blogs are active.

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  10. Thank you for putting this together, it's invaluable material for many uses. I'm researching the 1830s and this shows me a lot of life then.

  11. This blog is an excellent Resource, and full of Beauty to appreciate and absorb.

  12. Thank you so much for this blog!


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